Class For Peek's Sweater

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tonight I am taking Sue Ann's class (at our BlueBonnet Shoppe ) on dog sweaters. I was supposed to find a book called 'Dogs in Knits'. Nobody has it. I bought a book called 'puppyknits'. Is anyone out there quicker than myself? Yep you got it. The word here is PUPPY! I am going to show up early with my silly self bringing the even sillier book. Sue Ann has been known to perform miracles..well Saint Ann..let's get to knitting that Peek-A-Sweater.


Suna said...

I believe that is the first time anyone referred to me as saintly in any way. If I were a saint, I'd probably choose Brighid (patron saint of fire AND poetry!!).

I got to the words on my sweater that will say "big pug" on it, but am trying to finish my own dainty party dress kinda sweater first.

Hi Judy.

Sue Ann