The Mobias Phantom Has Struck...Again

Saturday, April 29, 2006

[Setting: Cindy in her living room drinking an entire bottle of Kriek (cherry) Lambic]
I spent all Saturday at the Bluebonnet Shoppe. Knitting my Peek's Party Dress. Truth be told...yapping...loosing my place...using Sherry as my bookmark...and yapping even more. Believe it or not I was actually making progress on the dress (thank you Sherry).
Jody ( my fellow Zena admirer) thought that it was time that I learn to knit lace with a proper pattern and markers. Sherry counted my stiches...151...was supposed to be...144...We managed to work through that tiny-bit-o-flaw. Then Jody got a hold of the dress (making sure I was really 11 sts off). Jody, then looks up...slowly...and announces that I have a mobias. I don't register at first. Pat's eyes get a bit wider than the norm...Then I know!
Pat gently takes the, now embarrassed, dress to the back. Pat is gone a while. I am, then, handed over a gorgeously wound ball of Light Rose yarn.....Enough said.
Jody sat down and took the time to write me out a chart for my lace. My lace work was 'off' anyway...more like a Picasso of lace.
Oh well, it's not like Peek is shivering in the cold waiting for this partying-dress-o-wool.
I'm watching a scary movie tonight!!!...With cherry-breath!!!!!!!!


Judy said...

Oh no!! Now you have to cast on those 360 kiss-my-hind-end stitches again??!! Girl, I'm feeling the pain with you.....

Suna said...

I was saddened to hear this when I came into the shop on Monday. Wah. I think I am sort of glad I left before you made this discovery!!

In perkier news, I finished Scrunchy's dog sweater, other than writing "Big Pug" on it and it's on the Bluebonnet Gallery page. It will be on my blog later today or tomorrow. It was pretty funny when I tried it on him. He froze and would not move. Made it easy to get a photo, though.

Have a good trip, Cindy.

Sue Ann

cindy said...

Sue Ann,
Scrunchy is a BUG! I can't wait to see 'Big Pug' on his new Doggie Sweater. I looked at your was shock there. Girl you are busy. I hope when I get back from my trip you will have good news to celebrate. I see you put me on the 'links' page. Now I can stop pouting.
See you when I get back,