Yarn Harlot Night

Friday, May 29, 2009

Pat gave me a backstage pass to meet Stephanie (Yarn Harlot) before the talk. Thank you Pat. I grabbed Alla to be my date. Suna was to join us on the third floor. Yes, I have an absolutly goofy grin going on here. Push me and you know I know how to crop these things. There are more photos in my facebook albums.
Here is Alla, Suna, Stephanie and myself. If you look close enough you shall notice a pair of circulars around my neck.

I met Fanny tonight. I fell in love with her scarf. I have 'friended' her on Ravelry and follow her blog. She seems so fun and interesting. She lives where we keep our plane so I might have an excuse to run into her. Alla..tell me the name of this pattern again.

This baby and her hat were A-Dor-Able.

Stepanie's talk was fantastic. I don't call her the Erma-Bombeck-of-the-knitting-world for nothing.....she earns it.

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