My finished 'back pack'

Wednesday, October 25, 2006 it's no longer a back-pack. I made a few adjustments. I put my washer on 'sanitize' and went to bed. My poor knitting was tortured in that washer in lava hot water for 2 hours. When I pulled my victim out of the wreckage in the morning...(yes I slept soundly...the screams were muffled with the suds) I had a Christmas-tree-size -wadded-up-hand-full-o-felt. We now have a purse...Which I am pretty fond of...I must say. I put this pocket in the front to hold my cell-phone. Posted by Picasa


Judy said...

Cindy! You are too funny.....thanks for sharing your latest projects. I love the backpack - -great job! It was great seeing you, too. See ya' around.